Father | Teacher | Artist




I make art I feel should exist.

My art is a window into the personalities and events that have captured my imagination throughout my life.

The sense of nostalgia these subjects invoke are enhanced with symbolism, elements of pop art, and my passion for vintage design.

I often choose to “put makeup on” certain subjects–as Andy Warhol did with his “Endangered Species” series–in order to bring some into sharper focus or to elevate others whose importance may have been ignored or forgotten.


After studying art at Indiana University, Adam Shortlidge began teaching art in the Chicago Public School System in 1999. He subsequently earned his master’s degree from Columbia College. His art has evolved over the years through his work as a teacher and through the enthusiasm his students show for the simple acts of drawing and painting.

Adam lives on the northwest side of Chicago with his wife who is also a teacher in the Chicago Public School System and two children who are Chicago Public School students.

He is the Shared Walls CPS Liaison for IPaintMyMind, a nonprofit arts organization and gallery.

Prints of all the images on my site are available for purchase, just fill out the form on my purchase page!

18x24's are $75 + shipping and 24x36's are $125 + shipping.